Tuesday, December 15

school play 2009

ah, the annual school play.
this year kindergarten sang "Do You See What I See"...

"Said the king to the people ev'rywhere,
listen to what I say!
Pray for peace, people ev'rywhere,
listen to what I say!
The Child, The Child
sleeping in the night.
HE will bring us goodness and light!
HE will bring us goodness and light!"


The middle school group... well, they were just cutting up...

got it

and so was uncle Chad...

couldn't resist

Maddy is hilarious. She sat on the opposite side of the stage to try to avoid the camera.
Her principle helped clue her in...
"Sorry honey, there is no hiding from a mama and her camera."
Got that right.
I did have to bribe her for this one though...

cutting up

I got my shot.... she got a 5 minute massage. Thanks Mad... you'll thank me one day. OK, maybe not for this shot. Sorry babe... mama loves you girl.

School Christmas play= good times!

christmas play girls


  1. I enjoyed that night! My sweet girls!!!

  2. You ARE good at telling a story in pictures, as you said on my "Passion" post!

  3. Love these! And she will eventually love these pictures, because they are memories from an awesome mom who took the time to take them!