Friday, December 4

tooth fairy

Madison had to get her final baby tooth yanked out at the dentist the other day. That stubborn thing was causing her adult tooth to grow in crooked.

As she sat up in the dentist chair I assured her that the tooth fairy was going to have to "hook her up" for all of that trouble. I said it without even thinking... we don't really do the real tooth fairy thing. Olivia hasn't lost any teeth yet so we haven't had to cross that bridge with her.

Before I even had time to wonder what Olivia must have thought about what I had just said a look of surprise came across her face. Then a deep concern. She glanced over at me and then tip toed over and whispered in my ear...

"I know who the tooth fairy is."

me: "Oh, really... who?"

Liv: "It's your parents."

me: "How do you know?"

Liv: "Because my friend busted her parents putting money under her pillow."

Me: "You're right. We are"

Liv: "How come Madison doesn't know the truth. Should I tell her?"

Me: "Oh, bug.. I don't know! She may be devastated!"

Liv: "I'm gonna tell her."

Then she proceeded to fill Madison in on the big tooth fairy secret. Of course Madison burst her bubble when she declared that she already knew.

We don't believe in the tooth fairy, but we still have fun with the concept. Unfortunately, it's usually not the tooth fairy who pays a visit. She's often preoccupied with something else.

Madison's last fairy letter:

Dear Madison,
Well, it seems that this will be good bye forever. I understand that this is the last baby tooth.
I know that you are relieved.

By the way this isn't the tooth fairy. She has the H1N1 virus and is going to be off work for a couple of weeks.

Also, I regret to inform you that "Harry the Toe Jam fairy" is dead. Unfortunately, he got in the way & someone stepped on him.

Yours truly,
Larry the Ear Wax Fairy

PS- brush your teeth! Cavities are not a good thing.

How do you celebrate losing a tooth with your kids? If you don't have any (kids that is, not teeth... that would be weird) how did you celebrate when you were a kid?

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  1. Kelly is getting a couple of permanent teeth pulled on Monday. Her teeth are big and her mouth is, four prmanent teeth, as of Monday will be gone forever. Hope all goes well for Madison.

    I used to go along with the tooth fairy thing, but jokingly, so that they would not take it too seriously - like to the point of crying if I forgot to put the money under the pillow. I would not want that to happen.

    My husband didn't go along with it, so he just said nothing.

    Basically, they always kind of knew "she" wasn't real, but we had fun with the jokes while it lasted.