Wednesday, December 2

wordless wednesday


  1. I love the photo...the subjects :) , the way you cropped it, the monochrome, etc.

    I've always taken pictures, but I'm ready to advance. Thinking about getting a Nikkon D40. What do you think?

  2. need I even actually looks like a great bookmark. Let me know when you guys print them out.

  3. Erica- don't ask :) lol j/k... we were goofing off with the yammers.

    Anita- here is the advice that I recieved from a blog bud when I asked about a canon. It helped me... hopefully it will help you too.

    "Personally, whatever YOU are comfortable with once you've done the research for both Nikon and Canon will be the right choice for you. I don't think either is "better", but please don't buy outside of those two, you will regret it.

    How do you decided? Ask yourself these questions:

    What are your photography needs?
    Battery life, memory card, etc?
    Cost of lenses, external flashes, etc for future purchases?
    How large of a print will you need?
    What is your price range?
    What features do you need?

    Compare the ones that fill those needs for you side by side, feature by feature, and make your choice. Some stores will let you try them out in store to help you get a feel for them. If you've had a Canon of a similar feel before, perhaps Canon is your best bet, but if you find an equivalent Nikon at a better price, perhaps that's your answer too. If your friend has a Canon, maybe you should get a Canon, and invest in specialized lenses that she doesn't have, so that you can swap/borrow.

    Check out for some additional review/feedback resources!"

    I've also heard that Canon has better color. I LOVE color so I was thrilled when I got blessed with a canon. I have a canon 10D...

  4. Thanks are a bonafide photographer!
    I've printed out your advice and will keep use it when I shop. Will also check out the website. Much appreciated!