Friday, December 18

Nursing School Journey Log 4

what I learned during my 1st semester as a full time student...
(my 2nd go round: 10 years later & a little more mature)

SDV 100= college success skills
PSY 230= developmental psychology
SOC 200= principle of sociology
SDV 100= college success skills

1) I still procrastinate... daggonit!

2) I actually enjoy learning. I loved all of my classes. Way more motivated to go to class then I have ever been to go to work. What's up with that? I thought the excitement would wear off... it didn't. Studying on the other hand... that's a whole other monster. (see #1)

3) I am a read/write learner... which is why I have an insane amount of flash-cards... everywhere. My grocery store has been sold out for days. It's also why I cannot function without some sort of list to go by. (to-do list, grocery list, packing lists... Everyday & mostly everything I do requires a list... it's ridiculous)
find out your VARK learning style here.

4) According to an in depth personality test, that I had to take for my SDV class, the 2 career fields that would suite me best are: health care & community service. Wowzers. I guess I'm on the right track.

5) America's highest population of AIDS is found in the late adulthood generation. Apparently viagra + limited sex ed= recipe for disaster
who knew?

6) After meeting with my advisor I found out that because of the economic situation in our country more & more people have enrolled... making it more difficult to be accepted into the nursing program. That was a swift kick in the bum. Last I heard only 60 were accepted out of about 200 applicants per semester. Geesh. No pressure. I'll finish my pre-requs next semester & my application deadline is next September for spring 2011.

7) When the semester first started I was matching up symptoms to the disorders I was learning about & self diagnosing myself with all kinds of stuff. I learned that is perfectly normal & it happens to a lot of medical students. That's a relief. I'm happy to announce that I don't have a brian tumor, ovarian cancer ... & I'm pretty sure I'm not bi-polar either. Whew...

8) I learned there is a difference between good stress and bad stress. "They" say the stress from school and the pressure that comes with it is considered "good" stress. I don't think those who have been effected by my stress induced hostility around test taking time agree so much with the "good" stress theory.

9) I also learned that as much as I enjoy school I enjoy break much better... which happens to start TODAY. I took my last final this morning. Yippee. No more school until January.

10) OH... & of course I learned a bunch of critical nursing stuff that I will most definitely need when I start working with patients. Unfortunately, I haven't retained nearly half of it.

11) which I learned is also normal.

Now that finals are over I can start finish Christmas shopping.

Guess what Reece & I got caught in tonight...


it's snowing

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  1. Ahhhh... the end of a semester... I'm proud of you for having succeeded in this huge accomplishment. I don't know that I would be able to do what you do.

    I love the lessons you've learned, and have enjoyed reading through them. I particularly enjoyed the learning style insight, as well as #10 -- I hope it's normal, because I don't seem to retain a whole lot out of what we're taught in training at work these days, :o)

    COOL PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!