Friday, February 6

Resumes, Bilingual Babes & Clinic Deceit

Oh my... I've been updating my resume ALL day long. When I went to bed last night my intent was to wake up this morning & clean the entire house. (That would be the good wifey thing to do, right?... definitely not blog all day or spend hours just chatting with Reece while I walk "over" the clutter scattered through out the house) BUT when I woke up this morning I decided I needed a new resume. I know the news is portraying a bunch of doom & gloom. I refuse to let that discourage me. I am well qualified & there are tons of companies still hiring. So I was thinking that maybe my resume needed a facelift. I just finished & I must say, it looks so good. I sent it to Stephen for his "tweaking" pleasure. (he is really good at that sort of thing). He said it looks 1,000 times better & all he had to do was add a comma. See I told you I've been working ALL day on it. OK, maybe not all day... Linda came over for lunch. Then there is always the baby. My goodness does she love to be snuggled & hates it when my attention is on something else? But boys does she love Dora. I'm pretty sure there is something horribly wrong with letting your infant become best friends with Dora the Explorer.... so I'll justify it with my desire to see her be a multi-cultured bilingual lil tot. We have to start young right? This world is a diverse place. 

Then of course, like my focus wasn't already way off b/c of my future spanish speaking baby girl, I get a phone call from the school. Duhn, Duhn Duuuuhn (there's that fancy sound effect again). It was the receptionist calling to let me know that Madison had come in, right before a test, to let me know I had to come get her because she wasn't feeling well. Right before a test... REALLY?!?! Silly child, she doesn't realize that I used to be a clinic deceiving expert. That's right... I remember the days of sucking my bottom lip until it swelled up and then going to the nurse with an indescribable reaction to something... AGAIN! I even pulled the "thermometer under the light" trick a few times too... "Wow Kasie, 106... I'm surprised your still conscious". My mom was a softy though... she'd always come get me. Anyway, I chatted with Maddy & reminded her that she has plans tonight & a sleep-over planned for tomorrow night (pray for me people),  so if she was too sick for school then she was too sick for a social life this weekend because she really needed to rest so she'd feel better.  Then the most amazing thing happened... she was supernaturally healed, right there on the spot. I'm so glad we believe in miracles! Seriously though, we chatted for a bit & she did confess that she was having some test anxieties. I'm so glad she can be honest with me. We prayed & she felt better. I love my snookums. 

So anyway the resume looks great & good news... a friend that I work with in the youth ministry sent Stephen an email today... he thinks he can get me on board at his company & needed my resume. How convenient.. I just updated it! So I tweaked it a little bit more to gear it towards that position & just sent it over. How exciting! He mentioned an interview as early as Monday. 

Besides researching interview techniques this weekend, I have a full load planned. I'm going to hang out with the Young Adults tonight. We have a fellowship planned at a local restaurant. That means our date night will be tomorrow night. We're doing a family date night. The theatre that Madison goes to for drama classes is having a fundraiser tomorrow night. We're going to head over there for a night of karaoke & improv. Maddy wanted to invite a friend, so we're also doing a sleep-over. Now that she's healed and all this is still a go! 

Good times. 


  1. Sounds like great plans! I will be praying they want to hire you right on the spot!!

  2. Have a fun weekend! I'm excited for you to hear how your potential interview goes. Your awesome with your words so I have no doubt your resume looks and sounds fabulous!

    I had to LOL when I read that Madison was healed over the phone. :-)

  3. My prayers will be with you as you meet with future employers. I will also pray for the future employers to see the wisdom in choosing you :o)

  4. I can't belive I missed this blog!!! I will ensure that the little miss Reecita learns Espanol so she can talk to Justincito.~Tu Amiga!