Thursday, February 26

Love Story Part 3, 30 Hours of Hunger

My goodness... I really didn't think this love story would take so many parts. I'm pretty sure there is just one more to go after this one :) 

For now, here is Part 3. Click here & scroll down...


Your prayers would be appreciated this weekend. Stephen & I will be engaged in a homeless outreach Friday night & most of Saturday.  My dear mom has agreed to take care of the kiddos for us (Maddy will be with her dad). I'm really excited about this opportunity. The congregation has been so generous with their donations of jackets, blanket, new socks etc. It's going to be a great event & I can't wait to see how God moves! 

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  1. I will pray for your weekend and all of the people that the outreach will impact.

    You and Stephen have a very powerful testimony. I'm so glad you decided to write your story down and share it.

    I love the makes such a strong statement. I look forward to hearing part 4. Have a wonderful weekend!