Wednesday, February 18

1st Day @ the New Job

I should totally be sleeping! BUT I just finished my "homework" & wanted to blog quickly about my first day back to work. Please know that I was extremely tempted to break out the camera to take pictures of my new office so that I could include visuals in my post.... but I'm pretty sure that would have quickly thrown me into the office "weirdo" category... so I'll just tell you about it instead.... I had such a great day. I absolutely LOVE my new job. I have ZERO experience in the mortgage industry except for the fact that I have one. So today was filled with so much info... my brain isn't used to working this hard :)! I feel like I am now educated on just how bad the mortgage crisis is in the states. It's a very sad situation. I am excited to be in the business of helping people though. It seems like the loan modification industry is about to explode because people who need help with their mortgages are faced with only 2 options at this point: foreclosure or loan modification. 

So anyway, as I said before God really hooked me up on this one. I was only out of work for 2 weeks & this job is truly better than expected. That's just how He rolls :) Thank you guys for praying for me! I really appreciate my blog buds & my sweet friends. Obviously going into a new situation is always a bit scary. I had a few of my friends & my sweet hubby send me text messages today just to let me know they were thinking about me & loved me. Isn't that sweet? Those texts really made my day. Thanks guys... you're the best. 

Boy o boy... here we go.. back to the working world. My day started with no breakfast (totally forgot to eat this morning) I got to mom's house to drop Reece off & she asked me what I ate for breakfast... I guess my blank stare gave her the hint that I didn't... so she fixed me an egg sandwich... awww. Thanks mom! Stephen had an evening meeting scheduled today so I had to make last minute arrangements for the oldest girls to get picked up from school on time. Then my dear hubby ended up going to the wrong house to pick the baby up (We have 2 sitters during the week for Reece... my mom & another sweet lady we know from church alternate) I forgot to tell him she was at moms today & not at the other sitter, I would have loved to see her face when he knocked on the door.... oh & then there was the lunch break spent in the back of my van w/ my battery operated pump. A mamas gotta do what a mammas gotta do. Back to the craziness. In some strange way I love all of the busyness (productive busyness makes me happy)... even in all the drama involved. I enjoy it. I just need to get into a good schedule. Schedules are vital to my sanity. My husband makes fun of me, but there has to be some sort of method to the madness. It will take me a bit, but I'll find my groove soon enough. 

So anyway, 1st day back= complete success 

Now I must get some sleep! I'll be on the phone tomorrow afternoon with clients. ALREADY?!?! Hopefully I'll be feeling just as successful tomorrow night!


  1. I'm so glad your day went well! I was thinking about you, hoping you'd post about it.

    Things will fall into place quickly, you'll see! It sounds like a really, really interesting job. I look forward to hearing more about it!!

    Happy for you!

  2. I'm glad to hear you had a good! I had to LOL (been there) when I read about the battery operated pump. They sure are handy for the car.

    I hope today goes just as well for you!!!!!! :-)

  3. Congrats on the new Job! I remember going back to work, a few months after I had sweet girl, I went into the bathroom, locked the door and cried as I squeezed milk out boobs cause I forgot my pump! LOL! Glad you had an good first day! God is good!

  4. Hey~ This is one of your BFF.......woo hoo, love you to girl. I am sooo super excited for you. Can't wait to see the pics, as I am sure you will sneak them in some way...