Tuesday, February 17

Mom's Tuesday Tips

What are your mommy tips? 

tip: (noun) a useful hint or idea; a basic, practical fact

money saving, time saving, family bonding... whatever you have found to be a blessing as a mom & want to pass along to others. I invite you to share...

Here is my tip for the week.... 
  • Have a favorite clothing store? Be sure to sign up for their emails & mailing list! Most stores will keep you updated on sales & send coupons often. Also, if you know which store you are headed to on your next shopping trip be sure to Google search coupons before you head out... chances are you'll find something you could use. One of my favorite stores to get my work clothes at is New York & Company. This weekend I got a $35 dress shirt, two $18 basic 1/4 length sleeve V-necks, & a pair of $17 dressy flip flops for $50 dollars! I knew they were having a President's Day sale on the basic shirts (buy one get one 1/2 off). I Googled coupons before I left & found a "spend $75, get $30 off coupon". I saved $39 dollars. Not too bad! I also received a coupon when I checked out to spend $30 & get $15 off on my next visit. I'll be heading back for accessories soon :) 
I hear there is a fancy little widget called Mr. Linky that makes these blog carnivals a lot easier to share links. Unfortunately, I do not have access to Mr. Linky (yet). SO, if you decide to share a tip please either leave your tip in the comments or if you decide to host a Mom's Tuesday Tips on your blog please leave your post link in the comments so everyone can benefit from your tips as well. Thanks! 

PS- hi ho, hi ho... it's off to work I go :)


  1. Been signed up at JCPenneys for a little while now...seems to work out pretty good since I've got 3 $10 coupons with no minimum purchase!

    Check out my giveaway when you get a chance!


  2. Good idea!! Dh and I were having a discussion about shopping lately, and he admitted that he admires my ability to recognize good deals, remember prices from other stores, grab coupons and buy things we need while they're on sale, etc. Hey, it's called survival -- if we want to keep shopping, we gotta be smart about it ;)

    I don't have any tips, maybe. I began posting fav recipes on our family blog so that DH doesn't throw them away... Ha ha!

    I can't wait to hear how your day at work went!

  3. Here's my Tuesday Tip...


    I love your tips! Their ones I use myself. I never leave the house w/o my coupons! If I don't have a coupon for the store I'm headed to I always search the net first before heading out.

    New York & Company is usually where I shop for myself b/c of the $30 off of $75 coupon...it's a great deal! :-)

  4. New York & Company is my favorite store for buying cool, stylish and trendy dresses...