Thursday, February 5

I'm not sure I'm ready for all of this!

My mom found the video of Olivia's birth the other day. The exciting thing about this is that the tape isn't just Olivia's birth... it also has her first year's footage on it. Of course we had to watch it over dinner tonight. :) It is ridiculous how much Reece & Olivia look alike as babies. Who's who?... 

(These pics are horrible. My scanner broke so it's come down to taking pictures of pictures. ARGH!)
It was so sweet seeing Olivia roll over, blow spit bubbles & kisses, crawl & even take her first steps.  It was neat to see Madison at Olivia's age too. Madison was in the room when I gave birth to Olivia. After she was born Madison was over at the warmer stroking Olivia's hair and she announced to the room... "When the baby is 5, I'll be 10!" I had a mushy mommy moment & all I could do was hold Liv as we watched the movie thinking... my girls are getting so big. 

The other day we were in the car & Madison said "mom, you're going to be so proud of me... I'm going to try out for the cheer leading squad at school." I WAS so proud... especially considering that lately her favorite sport is tackle football! I just thought about my sweet girl in ponytails with ribbon & a cute girly uniform... then all of a sudden my wonderful vision was shattered when I realized what this meant... MIDDLE SCHOOL. Holy cow, reality sunk in. My BABY is going to middle school next year. Then she went in for the kill... "mom, does this mean I can shave my legs now?" WHAT?!?! What happened to the days when blowing spit bubbles & waving bye bye was a big deal? I'm not sure I'm ready for all of this!

I think I am a little more prepared for Reece's next year... at least this is familiar territory. Isn't the 1st year so much fun (ya know besides the sleepless nights & all)? She's trying really hard to roll over & has finally discovered her hands... She's working on trying to grab things. Of course it all goes straight to her mouth. 

I have tried so hard to get video of her laughing, but as soon as she sees the camera she just stares at the "pretty shiny thing"... Stephen got some good footage tonight though & I wanted to share.... 


  1. oh man...the big shaving the legs moment...

    i remember begging my mom to be able to shave my legs..."everyone else is doing it"

    only i went a little razor happy for some reason and ended up with no arm hair or eye brows...

    gotta love those tween years lol

  2. Time goes by oh so quickly doesn't it. Shaving her!!!

    Adorable video Kasie! She could not be any more precious!!!!

  3. Shaving legs! Are you kidding me! What happened to my little Mighty Kid! least Reece and Olivia aren't nearly near that whole shaving my legs bit! Love the pics as always!

  4. I remember those times! What beautiful pics!