Wednesday, February 11

I'm No Longer Unemployed!

I got the job!!! I am so excited about this position... apparently I had the job before I even got there. My friend is the call center director... little did I know.  There is still a question about what my actual schedule will be... I'm asking God for favor on this one! Either way I start on Tuesday! The company helps people who are struggling with their mortgages. They work as a 3rd party to mediate terms with the bank. They provide a good service to the public, so I'm happy about that. My position is an inbound customer service rep. I've worked in a call center before so I know what comes with the territory. The comic is a little joke, but I'm actually really excited about working with the public again! The pay is great & commission is involved too. I'm not sure about the benefits yet. In all the excitement I forgot to ask (I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I was so nervous b/c I haven't been on a real interview in ages) Anyway, I'm working with the youth tonight at church & I'll see my friend. If I get the opportunity I'll ask him about the benefits. God gets all the glory for this one! I know I applied for every administrative/customer service positions in the city... this one just happened to fall in my lap & it's better than what I expected I'd get. Thank you Lord! 


  1. *** CELEBRATE *** Praising God for providing this job for you!! Sounds like a great job :o)


  2. congrats I'm so happy you go the job!

  3. What a blessing!!! I'm SO happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!