Saturday, July 3

my little world changer

Madison participated in her youth group's 30 hours of famine tonight. It's a World Vision thing & will continue through the weekend. They are fasting & praying for the poverty of this world.

They watched some intense videos & then went to our city’s homeless area to pray for our city's poverty. 

She came home talking a mile a minute.

Next week she will experience this world’s poverty first hand. The world’s poverty is like no one can explain. You may see images on TV or hear stories about the 3rd world… but until you experience it firsthand you simply can’t fathom the depth of it.

Madison came home tonight with a passion in her eye and tangible goals to make a difference in this countries poverty situation... My 12 year old little girl.

Next Saturday she will head to the airport and depart on a plane headed to a place where she knows no one. To a place she has never been. She is simply headed out on faith that God will use her to make a difference.

People may ask (& they have)… How I could send my daughter off on such a trip? My answer: This is her passion. A purpose in it for her. There has been a fire lit within her from the day she heard about the trip. She knew it was  a trip she was supposed to take.

Who am I to stop this passion?  There is a desire within her to change her world. How dare I intervene? How can I teach her to make a difference with one random act of kindness at a time & then prevent her from fulfilling her heart’s desire to touch her world for Jesus?

I can’t teach her to follow her dreams & then hinder her & fill her with fear... preventing her from from following those dreams when they present themselves. 

Tonight I saw within her an all too familiar disgust for injustice & I also see her heart ache due to the lack of compassion she sees. 

I look into her eyes & I see a world changer. A history maker. 

This trip is going to change the lives of others in Matamoros Mexico… and ultimately I know... it’s going to change the life of a 12 year old I know... forever. 

Watch out Mexico... here she comes!


  1. Watch out WORLD....Here comes Maddy with a God that can change their lives!! So excited for her!

  2. Bless her heart (and yours, too)! Everything according to Thy will. :)