Saturday, July 10

and she's off....

Madison's dad & I dropped her off at the airport this morning. Her flight left at 7:00a. She seemed really excited. She has landed in Texas & will stay there until Monday when they will head off, by bus, to Mexico.

She had to wear this cute little green shirt & her plastic "unattended minor" necklace.

We were standing at baggage check-in when she spotted another green t-shirt behind us. She approached the girl and found out she was going to Mexico too! She was relieved to be able to fly with someone she knew. (I was too!... it took a huge load off knowing she wouldn't be alone.)

The great thing about the unattended minor program is that we got a pass to get through security & to the terminal to wait with her. The flight attendant came out and told us that she was able to get the girls 2 seats together. I thought that was awesome. I just feel bad for whoever had to sit beside the 2 chatter boxes. :)

We were able to watch take off from the end of the terminal.

Once we got in the car... to my horror... I found her wallet (with her passport AND all of her cash) in my pocketbook! After a mild freak out moment Maddy's dad reminded me I could just overnight it to her. So I did... this morning. She will get it Monday morning. I called the mission headquarters & they said that would be ok. Then I got a frantic call from her letting me know that her luggage was left here in Richmond. Great...  I spoke with the mission rep & American Airlines has promised her luggage to be delivered before they leave for Mexico.At least she has her sleeping bag, snacks & most importantly.. her camera in her carry on.


Two whole weeks without my Maddy-Poo. :( I'm so proud of her though. She is so brave to take a trip like this. I know it's going to be life changing.

We had a fiesta for her Thursday night with my parents, brother & a few of her closest friends. It was nice.

Friends and family also sent a bunch of sweet messages that I bound together in a little "book of encouragement" for her... something to encourage her in case the homesick blues try to creep up on her. She opened it on the airplane. She said "it made me cry". I could tell it meant a lot to her.

We have indeed had a little drama this morning... but I'm just glad that she is there safe on the ground.... now I can relax & get started on this Saturday. On the agenda: absolutely NOTHING... my favorite kind.

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  1. Wow......... wow!! You are living a prayer of mine, Kasie, seeing your children off into the mission world. I'm so excited for Madison, your family, her team, and those whose lives she will be touching... those whose lives will be touching hers.

    What an exciting time in her life!!

    Please, please, please share as much as you can, I'll be here, waiting on the edge of my seat for more!!

    BTW, way to have an adventure right off the start... passport, luggage, LOL! :o)

    Much love!