Thursday, July 1

berry picking and the beach

We traveled through the beautiful country today on the way to the berry farm. Olivia shared her dream of being on “America’s Got Talent”. She is going to sing a Hannah Montana song while hula hooping or she might do her Fred impersonation. I’m sure either will be great.

As we passed all of the farms and horse pastures I got a little giddy thinking about having our very own house on a beautiful piece of land. I told Stephen we should have a horse barn with a pony pasture. We could charge people to board horses and even have one of our very own. I told Stephen since he keeps fussing about my desire to have a motorcycle I would just have a horse instead. It’s kind of the same thing… besides all little girls dream of having a horse. I took a vote & I was right. Each of the girls agreed that a horse would be great. Stephen, being his analytical self, tried to reason that we don’t know how to care for horses. Surely we could figure it out with a few Google searches... I told him.

 It’s going to take me some time to talk him into this one. A few things we’ll have for sure though… a mega veggie garden, a few chocolate labs, a chicken coop & maybe even a billy goat.

It’s going to be good.    

Berry picking was lots of fun. Ahem… I found the farm through a Google search.  Noticed it was in the town of Colonial Beach… so we decided to hit the beach too. Stephen had the day off. It was great. 

We ate a little picnic at the berry farm. There were a few groups there on daycare field trips. All of the kids were running around having a great time. I was checking out their labeled water bottled and matching day care shirts when it dawned on me how thankful I was to be sitting there with my family. I looked over at Reece who had blackberries smeared all over her face. I fed her a bite of her ice-cream & then glanced over at Olivia feeding Madison a big bite of her cone. I got a little teary eyed when I thought about how not too long ago I was working full time hours wishing I could be at home with my girls. I prayed many prayers asking God to make a way for that to happen. He is so faithful. 

We had so much fun.Best day ever.

Now I just need to figure out what the heck I am going to do with these 10 pounds of blackberries. 

I put all of our pics from today here

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  1. Ooh, we love berrt-picking, too! We can't wait until we get to go later this summer. :)

    You guys look so cute in that first pic!