Monday, July 26

stories from mexico

The oldest babe has been resting quite a bit. We've been milking stories out of her. Last night the hubby and I had a very refreshing time with her in deep thought and conversation as she reflected on the trip and what is meant to her. My sweet girl is becoming a sweet young lady. I'm so proud of her and blown away by the depth she has at such a young age.

She told us about a sweet older gentleman that she got the opportunity to spend some time with. When he was younger he was involved in the spanish mafia. He confessed to the group that he had killed several people during his time in the mofia. He was so grateful that they were there because it was a group of american missionaries... just like them, that had visited him when he was younger. That group meant so much to him because they had introduced him to Jesus. The Lord had awakened his spirit and changed his life. He thanked them with tears in his eyes for their labor of love. He was so thankful that they were there to share the hope of Christ with the younger generation.

Her favorite encounter was with a young 7 year old girl. She was able to converse with her with the help of a translator. She asked the little girl if she could change 1 thing about her country what would it be. The little girl went into detail about how she desperately wanted more for her family. They were very poor and had next to nothing. She just wanted her parents to be provided for and happy. My babe said she couldn't help but cry when the little girl asked her what her country was like. She had only a one word answer... selfish.

She told me that she went to Mexico to help the people of Matamoros... but what she didn't expect was that they were going to help her in ways she never imagined.

She said she is trying to put in words what exactly happened inside of her while she was there. She's still working that out. I know that the trips I've taken have changed my life in ways that I still can't fully comprehend. Just like her though.... the desire to continue to make a change is still burning strong.

I leave for El Salvador Saturday early in the morning. Her stories have gotten me that much more excited about what we will encounter while there.

It's going to be good.

Unfortunately, she left her camera in Texas. Hopefully they will find it and be able to ship it back to her.

For now though here are some more photos of India...

(the families were so sweet and hospitable) 

(one families home.. their only shelter) 

(India is mostly a Hindu nation... but we were able to visit a Christian house of prayer) 


  1. I can relate so much to what she experienced... although I've only been on one trip, her words help me understand that these missions are universal in that they are each uniquely custom-fitted to exactly what God needs them to be for us as individuals, for what He needs to show us, teach us, and in the ways He needs to lead us.

    SO proud of her, and so proud of you for raising her to be such a young lady on fire for Christ! I pray you'll keep sharing as she continues to share.

    Know that I am in prayer for your trip to El Salvador... you're in my heart!

  2. I look forward to hearing more about her trip. She must feel so much elation in being able to minister and see the world from a different view. I have to agree with her...our country is selfish. We have too much stuff and have no idea what it's like to live off of very, very little.

    I'm proud of your daughter for being mature and sharing from her heart.

  3. That is so awesome that your little girl has been so deeply touched by her travels! That is an amazing thing to experience at such a young age and she sounds like she is full of lots of wisdom! I am glad you are having so much fun talking with her and hearing her stories! I hope your week is a great one!

  4. What an awesome experience for your daughter! I look forward to reading more of her experiences. I hope her camera arrives back safe and sound too!