Tuesday, July 13

our slow switch to organic

Our switch to organic has been about a 5 year process. It started when the doctor told us that Madison's early development most likely had to do with the hormones that were in the milk she drank when she was younger. You see... when she was little I only gave her milk until she was about 3 years old. I thought I was doing a good thing by giving her so much calcium. Instead of juice I just fed her a lot of fruits. Unfortunately the milk that I was giving her was not organic.

When puberty ends... so does the growing. The doctors were concerned that she would sprout up quickly & then stop growing too soon. She went through blood tests & bone age tests.  Thankfully (thank you Lord) it didn't stunt her growth... she is taller than me for crying out loud. She does have a few joint issues that are working themselves out though. That scare led me to investigate the differences between organic & regular foods. I've always been a bit of a naturalist at heart anyway. I like to keep it simple and as natural as possible. God created everything we need to sustain human life for as long as it needs to be sustained. (that's a whole other post... don't get me started.)

Our first organic switch was our milk. Now we buy organic meats, dairy & produce. Since we eat mostly whole foods... that's the bulk of our grocery shopping. Right now I am in the process of trying to figure out how to eat organic on a non-organic eating budget. It's been a challenge and what I'm finding is that due to supply and demand it may not be totally possible... but I'm determined to make it as close as possible. I'm convinced that with proper planning and research organic eating CAN be affordable for anyone.

This is a journey that I plan to blog about. After learning in anatomy how our bodies operate and also learning about how our food industry operates I've developed a passion for healthy eating. I'm even thinking that my future as a nurse may be involved in this area a bit. Not totally sure. For now though... what I am sure of is that I will find a way to make this organic eating thing affordable. I'm also convinced that I can't afford to NOT make the switch.


Maddy update: She got her wallet on time & she arrived in Mexico TODAY! :) There is no electricity where she is so they already warned us that we probably won't get an update for a few days. 

I did get to talk to her before they crossed over the border & she has already decided she wants to either go to Italy or Panama next year. I told her she better get cracking on the fundraising as soon as she gets home :) 

Oh & she said she wants to adopt a child from another nation so they can always be appreciative of what they have. She hasn't even gotten there yet.... I know this trip is going to change her life. 

(photo off of Global Expedition Facebook page- VBS training) 


  1. I am right there with you on the organic and non processed foods. With all my health issues I'm learning so much about natural foods and how they help your body. A few tips that might help you.

    1) For budget trader joes is amazing. I went around and priced out a sample list of foods at Kroger, Trader Joes and Whole Foods. Trader Joe's was 50 cents to a dollar less than Kroger and in finding that out I found out they are also cheaper than wal-mart. Whole Foods was a dollar to 50 cents more than kroger and wal-mart.

    2) There is this really awesome tv show called Dr. Oz. I've only recently started watching it but wow it is super informative.

    There are also a lot of really awesome websites I can direct you to as well. I love that your doing this for you and your family. I too have such a passion for it and am trying to figure out what more I can do to make people aware.

  2. I hear you about the whole organic thing. We have also, slowly, been making a switch to organic foods. One thing we are going to do is to grow our own veggies! I so wanted a summer garden...but that didn't happen...so I am planning on growing some things that do well for the fall (we believe this will make organic eating very cost effective). Chickens are probably in our future as well (LOL) once we fence in the back yard...yep fresh organic eggs! My Ma-Ma used to grow veggies and her and her friends would share what they grew and that way they had a variety. My mom is supposed to help me next month with my garden. I need to do a little research to see what I can actually plant...Anyway can't wait to hear more on organic eating! Also we are praying for Madison! Love ya'll


  3. Thanks for coming by Sofia's Ideas and leaving a comment. I really appreciate you taking the time.

    I think its great that you are making that switch and I absolutely love what you said - that you can't afford NOT to.

    I hear it all the time: "I can't afford it", but I think the bottom line is that we afford the things we think are most important. Its not a matter of making more money, but of shifting the priority so that the money you already have is allotted in the right places. We all pay at some point - we can either invest in our health , or we can subsidize our illness, right.? :)

  4. I'm really would love to hear how you make the switch. I am slowly, like a geriatric snail slow, making the switch. It's tough. What really should be organic, which things can I get away with not being organic? I have some friends who are "health freaks" (I'm putting that mildly) and it's always so extreme that I shy away. For instance they want me to do away with milk altogether...well that's just not possible for this milk-lovin' girl to do. Maybe if I was given the organic option....
    Anyway, thanks for the visit, I'm glad I found your blog, I think we will be great bloggy friends. (On a side note though: I'm not very consistent, so I will be the flakey bloggy friend.)