Saturday, July 24

my sweet girl is home

My sweet girl is home... safe and sound.

We had lunch at my parent's house... where we sat around taking turns asking her lots of questions.

Poppaw's was the most intriguing.... "did you feel the surge when you went through the time change?"

That funny guy.

She is tired... but deeply impacted. I can tell.

Looking forward to more of her stories and seeing God continue to stir her heart more & more.


  1. so glad your little girl is home!! Where did she go? That is such a funny comment :) I just got done traveling as well, and I'm SO TIRED. Darn jetlag! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm a new follower of yours! :)

  2. The signs are so cute!
    Cute post!

  3. I know you're happy to have your sweet girl home! Enjoy your first few days together!

  4. your kids are so adorable! can't wait to hear all abou the trip!

  5. I'm glad your daughter is home safe and sound, whew! Us moms worry! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I love my tub too. I wanted an antique one, but with refinishing it, we couldn't afford it. I got mine off of a website called Vintage Tub and Bath. It came with everything and they shipped it right to my house for free. Can't beat that!

  6. There's something so sweet about airport pictures! I guess we all know what it's like to be awaiting the plane that carries someone we love. :) Have a great day!