Tuesday, July 6

a happy 4th & a hot date

What a great extended weekend!

We had a perfect Independence Day...

a cook-out with dear friends, a ball game, and fireworks.

It was grand.

I love you America!


Monday was amazing too. Stephen had off of work for the holiday so we went on a hot date (that's what we like to call them). Usually our hot dates consists of an evening out at an ethnic restaurant. That's our favorite past time. We love checking out ethnic restaurants in our city. Monday was an all day hot date though. Madison went with her dad for the day & the youngest 2 went with my parents all day. They had a blast & so did we!

I surprised him &  planned a day at a local state park. We went mountain bike riding and then we went kayaking. It was amazing.

Our 1 mile mountain bike trail ended up being a 5 miles trek around the lake. Turns out the blue trails are the advanced trails. Who knew?

I had to stop about every mile to rest and cool off.

As we sat on the forrest logs Stephen fantasized about having a forrest in our back yard so that he could bike ride every morning. That was great.. I was just trying to get my throbbing heart beat to stop pounding in the temple of my forehead.

It was nice to sit there though all alone deep in the woods with nothing but nature surrounding us. It was very romantic. My favorite part of the bike ride was stumbling across this little brook.

We used my bandana to scoop water on our heads & down our shirts to cool off. I thought about Kate & Sawyer on LOST. I thought Stephen was going to eat a tadpole like the Survivor man... but we made it through. I think we'll find the green beginner trail next time though.

I do love the feel of the wind in my face on a good down hill. I want a trail with all down hills and no rocks or roots. Maybe we can find that trail next time.

After our bike ride we cooled down in the ac of the van & then hit the lake. Our first time kayaking. It was awesome... except for when we rammed into a tree branch & got stuck for a bit. I thought we were going to tip. And even though I knew there were no alligators or crocodiles it still seemed at the moment that it could be possible & I really didn't want to be eaten.

After that it was smooth sailing though. Literally.

We even beached for a bit for 1 last time to soak in all the quietness of the forrest. Ahhh.

It was so relaxing. 

What a perfect hot date with my hubby! 

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  1. oh wow those pictures are amazing! it sounds like such a nice time together wish david was more adventurous and would do something like that. sounds so peaceful.