Monday, August 23

time to start studying again

Since I've been home I've been  catching up on cuddles and good times.

I've been studying too....

I'm so excited. I went to a nursing school info session before I left for El Salvador.  

There are 3 types of degrees for Registered Nurses:

Associates degree (community college level)
Diploma (a little higher)
Bachelors degree (the highest)

The original plan was to get my associates at the local community college. I've been completely through the pre-requisite program... on the path for that degree.... BUT I think I'm changing my mind.

There is a local (and I think national) chain of hospitals in my city. 2 of their  hospitals are magnet status (top notch recognition). The other 2 are well on their way. I knew that this was the group I wanted to be employed with from the get go... but I didn't consider their nursing school because, at first, it was just about getting through as quick as possible.

After the information session I have officially decided this is the program I want to be a part of! It's a bachelors in science program.

They had 8 flags lining the classroom as I walked in...

Quality, Respect, Compassion, Growth, Integrity, Innovation, Justice, Stewardship

It's a faith based program with all the best accreditations. Student loan payback programs. Application/ interview assistance. World mission/local outreach focus (optional medical mission trip junior year)...

Why didn't I want this before?!?!

Every communication I've had with this program has been over the top sweet and helpful. They stressed in the session that every person no matter what faith, color, ethnicity is a precious gift and should be treated with the utmost dignity & respect. What is all nurses had that outlook? :)

Application deadline is Oct. 1st for Spring semester. The great thing is that the classes I've already taken are a part of the curriculum & will transfer.

Last semester there were 250 applicants & 56 were accepted. The entrance exam is a big part of it.

I've already starting digging into the study guide (400 pages... ay yaya)  This score means everything. 

I want this BAD.

I have some artsy ideas for an Etsy shop to raise money for missions. I can't wait to get started on those projects.

For now though... I study.


  1. Best of luck to you! Two of my very good friends are going through nursing school right now and while they say it's difficult, they both absolutely love it!

  2. Kasie,
    You are going to make a wonderful nurse! I've looked at selling jewelry on etsy, and my soaps...but an artsy etsy shop for missions!?....that's awesome! Look forward to hearing more on this! Love ya!

  3. Sounds like an excellent program! Study well! You'll do great!! Oh, and enjoy those cuddles too!


  4. Oh, I wish you all the best with this! I think if nurses can be called "fab," you'd certainly be one of them!

  5. This sounds fantastic. You are well written, have been on a missions trip to El Salvador, and a wonderful person. You are the type of person nursing schools want! Good luck to you.

    xo Erin

  6. wow kasie this is awesome stuff!!!

  7. How wonderful!!! You've got some big stuff ahead of you! :) Good luck!

  8. That's great that you found good program..Good luck!

  9. I hope this works out for you, and I am sending lots of positive thoughts your way. We need good nurses!