Thursday, August 5


Today the entire group split up into two groups. We each visited government sponsored orphanages. Our team went to an all boy facility (ages 11- 17) They were happy to see us.

We played a game of dodge ball and soccer. My team lost dodge ball. It was still fun & the kids were just happy to be playing.

The little boys kept coming up to us for hugs and high fives. 

They were so sweet. I could tell they were not flirting with the girls... they just wanted to be held and receive the love & attention we were giving them.  It was sad to hear about how the facility operates. There is a school in the area… but for some reason it is optional for the kids. They do not have to go, so most of them don’t. It reminded me of the Lost Boys on Peter Pan... except these boys were locked in. 

There is a small tech center that has a few sewing machines and an art room. We didn’t get to see it, but I could imagine there wasn’t much in there. One of the workers told us that they were about to open a “meditation” room. Our Pastor promised to stock it with Spanish Bibles. The boys were really excited about that & couldn’t wait to receive them.

We met a man and his two children at the orphanage. His story was very touching. 

He used to live in Pennsylvania, but after a few mission trips to El Salvador he felt the Lord leading him to move to San Salvador. He quit his career in computers, sold his house and his car & now he lives in San Salvador ministering through Ywam. He works at the boys orphanage frequently. I couldn’t help but think about the faith it must have taken for him and his wife to uproot their family.  

The man told us that the boys receive very little life skills and when they turn 18 they are kicked out. What a bad situation. His mission is to change that and do what he can to make things better. 

The boys watched a few of our skits and then were given the opportunity to receive Christ.

Our Pastor shared a powerful message with them. They were told that even though they may not know their fathers or maybe they had had a very bad experience with their fathers they could trust in the fact that there is a Heavenly Father who loves them and wants the best for them. They were encouraged to continue to pray to Him, read their new Bibles, and ask Him to help, guide and lead them. They were told that they were created with a purpose and God will help them to fulfill that purpose if they trusted in Him.

Most boys made a decision today to become Christians.

Please pray that they will continue to grow in God and get to know Him in a more intimate way. Also pray for that faithful man & his sweet family. 

My heart breaks for these children. These orphanages were not like the Christian ran orphanages I visited in India. These children are not even identified through the government. When we dropped the larger group off at the other orphanage the guys were all instructed to respect the space of the girls because most of them had been sexually abused by family members most of their lives & unfortunately for many the abuse continues in the facilities. 

Many of the orphans suffered from debilitating disorders. They were unwanted outcasts. Parents, without the means or willingness to take care of their disabled children... were left. 

The team met a 13 year old who was pregnant with her 3rd baby. 

I couldn't imagine the pain, hurt and rejection. 

Please pray. 

God is the Father to the fatherless. (Psalm 68:5) 

Ways to make a difference: 
Educate yourself: 
- Get your free copy of "Revolution in World Mission" here. This book will change your life. Do you long to let go of self-centeredness and be more eternally minded? Do you desire to make a difference in the lost world but not sure how to go about it? Read this book... it will teach you about missions and change your perspective on life. 
-Another great book (not free though) is Operation World. I love this book. It's broken down by country & under each country it lists geography, people, economy, politics, and religion facts about each nation. Then there are also pray needs for each country. As you go through the book reading and praying your eyes will be opened to what the world is really like. 
-Feed my Starving Children (this was the food supply that we saw at the feeding center... our donations really do feed the starving children
-Gospel for Asia- our donations support missionaries in Asia who are spreading the Love & Gospel of Jesus. 
Sponsor a child:
-Compassion a dear blog bud of mine just traveled to Honduras as a Compassion advocate. Her stories tell first hand the need for sponsors. Please check out her posts here
Both of these organizations are Christian based. They don't just meet the physical needs of these children. They also impact their eternity by sharing Jesus with them.
-for your world, these children, & missionaries everywhere! 

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