Friday, August 6

prayers in the park

We picked the perfect time to go to El Salvador because they were celebrating a national holiday. The children were all out of school and everyone had Friday off of work. We went to a local park in the center of the capital city. 

The original plan was to perform some of our dramas. Unfortunately, we were not permitted to sit the sound system up or perform so we took the youth through the crowd for personal evangelism. We shared the gospel and offered prayer.

The prayer requests we received helped enlighten us on the true hardships that many of the people face. One man asked us to pray for him and his co-workers. He was a construction worker and he said gangs would come to his job site and demand money. They threatened that if he did not pay them a portion of his paycheck they would kill him and his family. We prayed with him and encouraged him.

Many prayed for protection. 
it makes you wonder where they are accepted....

That was a common prayer request. It made me realize that I take for granted the safety I have at home.

I've realized this week that I take a lot for granted. 

A woman we met said she was pregnant and wanted prayer for her new baby. She also said that her husband kept dreaming that he was going to die. We prayed with her & ensured her that Jesus had a plan and a purpose for her, her husband and her baby.

While we were walking through the park one of the park workers jogged to catch up with us. He saw us praying for people and told us that he was a believer in Jesus and wanted us to pray for his health. So we did. He was very thankful that we were there.

At one point 3 young guys that looked to be about 20 or so caught our attention. They were following us, very curious about what we were doing. We approached them and were able to carry on a conversation with the help of our wonderful translator. The guys asked us where we were from and what we were doing. We shared with them that we were from The States and we were there to share the good news of Jesus Christ to the people of El Salvador. They were elated. They too were Christians and thanked us for caring about their people. It was really awesome to see young people so excited about what we were doing. We chatted for a bit and then one of them encouraged us to not stop our work for Jesus. They thanked us several times. It really was encouraging and much needed at that very moment because we had just spoken to a man who was very angry and bitter towards Christianity. He had been hurt. It didn’t seem that we got anywhere, but we did share scripture with him so we counted it as sowing seeds into his heart. We can only pray now. His friend shared with us that he was going through a lot in his life, but he refused to turn to God for help. She had talked to him and tried to encourage him to trust God & forgive. It was discouraging to see his hardness. The 3 young men were right on time with their encouragement.

God always is. 

holiday traffic 
we met so many great people

Ways to make a difference: 
Educate yourself: 
- Get your free copy of "Revolution in World Mission" here. This book will change your life. Do you long to let go of self-centeredness and be more eternally minded? Do you desire to make a difference in the lost world but not sure how to go about it? Read this book... it will teach you about missions and change your perspective on life. 
-Another great book (not free though) is Operation World. I love this book. It's broken down by country & under each country it lists geography, people, economy, politics, and religion facts about each nation. Then there are also pray needs for each country. As you go through the book reading and praying your eyes will be opened to what the world is really like. 
-Feed my Starving Children (this was the food supply that we saw at the feeding center... our donations really do feed the starving children
-Gospel for Asia- our donations support missionaries in Asia who are spreading the Love & Gospel of Jesus. 
Sponsor a child:
-Compassion a dear blog bud of mine just traveled to Honduras as a Compassion advocate. Her stories tell first hand the need for sponsors. Please check out her posts here
Both of these organizations are Christian based. They don't just meet the physical needs of these children. They also impact their eternity by sharing Jesus with them.
-for your world, these children, & missionaries everywhere! 

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