Saturday, August 7

the slum

Today was the hardest day yet. We visited an area they called “a slum”. It was a huge area overcrowded with tin roof shacks. They said that 7-10,000 people lived in the small area. 

As we climbed off the bus we were met with a stench like I’ve never smelled before. A few children flew their home made kites over the power lines. As we walked through the small area we saw some women doing laundry in buckets outside of their small home. Another woman cooked what looked like tortillas on an open stove under a small shelter. 

The people met us with smiles and warm greetings.

We later learned that the people who lived in the neighborhood had been relocated by the government. There was a need for a dam to be built near their previous home so they were given this field as their new home. It was very sad to see that none of the homes had a solid foundation. Most were made out of what we would consider trash. Advertisement banners, mattress box springs, recycled lumber, tarps with holes, large rocks, trash bags, and a lot of barbed wire. Someone said they saw a stove top used as a front door.

We made our way to an open field where we performed our dramas, played games with the kids, did face painting and shared the love of God. 

Many people became Christians today. We encouraged them with the message that they were created for a purpose and God loved them.

As I prayed with one woman who had just decided to follow Jesus she wept and wept. I held her and told her everything was going to be ok. I told her that her struggles were seen by God and she now had a hope in Him. I encouraged her to talk to Him and ask Him to guide and lead her. I told her that she would now experience true joy and peace that can only be found in Him. I told her she was beautiful and precious to Him. That He loved her & was so happy she turned to Him. She wept out loud. I knew she believed me. I held her in my arms and we rocked as she thanked God.

We saw and experienced devastating things today. 

I leave there wishing I could do more. 

I am happy knowing that we did impact their lives eternally. I'm happy in that, but my heart still aches. 
I leave a changed person. I thank God for the privilege to be so blessed. I didn’t ask to be born in The States. I am so thankful that I was though. I am grateful for my house that in our American eyes at about 1200 sq. ft. is farely smaller than average for my family of 5. We have running water, we have a solid foundation, I have a bed to sleep on, I have climate control, I have running water, I have a toilet. I am protected from the elements. I have clean water and food. I take these things for granted… not anymore though. I am blessed to be a blessing. I’m asking God to show me what else I can do.

I know He’ll show me. 

Ways to make a difference: 
Educate yourself: 
- Get your free copy of "Revolution in World Mission" here. This book will change your life. Do you long to let go of self-centeredness and be more eternally minded? Do you desire to make a difference in the lost world but not sure how to go about it? Read this book... it will teach you about missions and change your perspective on life. 
-Another great book (not free though) is Operation World. I love this book. It's broken down by country & under each country it lists geography, people, economy, politics, and religion facts about each nation. Then there are also pray needs for each country. As you go through the book reading and praying your eyes will be opened to what the world is really like. 
-Feed my Starving Children (this was the food supply that we saw at the feeding center... our donations really do feed the starving children
-Gospel for Asia- our donations support missionaries in Asia who are spreading the Love & Gospel of Jesus. 
Sponsor a child:
-Compassion a dear blog bud of mine just traveled to Honduras as a Compassion advocate. Her stories tell first hand the need for sponsors. Please check out her posts here
Both of these organizations are Christian based. They don't just meet the physical needs of these children. They also impact their eternity by sharing Jesus with them.
-for your world, these children, & missionaries everywhere! 


  1. This gave me chills. You are doing the work God set out for you to do, and He is working through you! How awesome is that?! Praise God for all of our new brothers and sisters in Christ!

  2. This reminds me so much of my trip to the Dominican Republic. We visited a dump where tons of people lived, and they were all such happy people, even though they were sifting through the garbage to find their next meal. I only wish I could have that kind of positive attitude!

  3. So powerful Kasie. I was brought to tears, not only as I read of the joy my fellow sister nowhas in our Lord Jesus Christ, but because of the shame I feel as I think of how often I complained about "what I don't have". It occured to me, but something tells me that the people you visited probably never complain. They are happiest with the simplest things in life.