Monday, August 2

faithful Lord

Today was our first day of full ministry.  My small team was fortunate enough to be able to go to a local feeding center to help feed lunch to about 50 children.
The leader of the feeding center is the local pastor’s wife. She was such a beautiful person… inside and out. 
She told us that when she came to the area to start the center she found some of the neighborhood children locked in homes with no food to eat. 
She said they were barely surviving. Some of the mothers are prostitutes in this small village. They’ve also found that the older siblings deal drugs to the younger children in the area.

Her mission is to share the love of Jesus with the neighborhood. She feeds the children lunch Monday through Friday. She said for some of the children the meals they eat at the center are their only food. She also opens her home to them for dinner if they are hungry. 
Her small team of volunteers teach the children the Bible and pray with them too.

The beauty of Christ shines through her sweet smile and gentle spirit. I could tell she really loves the children.

And the Lord.

She gets ongoing support from a church in California. "Feed My Starving Children" ministry supplies some of the children’s food. 
A missionary team from Jamaica helped build and renovate her small space. YWAM sends help on a regular basis. It really blessed me to see that this sweet woman had a vision, trusted God to provide and He did through people all over the world.

God is so faithful!
one of the sweet volunteers 

we helped by serving the food & cleaning up afterwards

the children had 2 basins to wash their hands & rinse

they liked taking our pictures 

Ways to make a difference: 
Educate yourself: 
- Get your free copy of "Revolution in World Mission" here. This book will change your life. Do you long to let go of self-centeredness and be more eternally minded? Do you desire to make a difference in the lost world but not sure how to go about it? Read this book... it will teach you about missions and change your perspective on life. 
-Another great book (not free though) is Operation World. I love this book. It's broken down by country & under each country it lists geography, people, economy, politics, and religion facts about each nation. Then there are also pray needs for each country. As you go through the book reading and praying your eyes will be opened to what the world is really like. 
-Feed my Starving Children (this was the food supply that we saw at the feeding center... our donations really do feed the starving children
-Gospel for Asia- our donations support missionaries in Asia who are spreading the Love & Gospel of Jesus. 
Sponsor a child:
-Compassion a dear blog bud of mine just traveled to Honduras as a Compassion advocate. Her stories tell first hand the need for sponsors. Please check out her posts here
-World Vision 
Both of these organizations are Christian based. They don't just meet the physical needs of these children. They also impact their eternity by sharing Jesus with them.
-for your world, these children, & missionaries everywhere! 


  1. Thank you for sharing! This is so beautiful! My heart hurts for these children and their parents...or anyone who doesn't know about the Lord. Praying you impact and change some lives! Our God is BIG!

  2. Hey Kasie,I love your blog.What you are doing is really great.Our love and care can make a big difference.God bless.

  3. What an inspirational post! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Kasie, from the first day we met, I have loved your heart, and your heart for His children... and seeing it in action this way is so beautiful. I know how much this trip means to you, and how much I prayed for your time here to be blessed. I love seeing the children's faces, learning about this ministry, and reliving Honduras through your experience in El Salvador.

    I got a whole new perspective on feeding the poor when I started working with Compassion. Without food, children aren't able to focus, and without focus, they experience difficulty learning... we can't teach them the Gospel when their bellies are hurting and empty. I love that your trip included feeding the kids -- that's a beautiful experience.

    Love the joy on their faces, and the love in their eyes!!

    I ordered the free book, will look the other one up too! And hey, thanks for the link to my Honduras trip! xoxoxox!

    I love you, girl... love your heart for Him!

  5. I'm just catching up on your trip! Your photos are incredible!! Thank you for putting the how to make a difference at the end of your post too. Sounds like some more great reading material for me.


  6. awesome Blog Kasie

    I'm currently reading "The Hole in Our Gospel" by Richard Sterns the president of World Vision US

    This book is really opening my eyes to the needs oversees and how we can help. Thanks for giving us some bullet points of how we can help and some great further reading :)