Tuesday, June 22

doing it, more babies, missions & bark piles... and some other stuff too.

I realized that I haven't felt much like blogging lately unless my heart has been heavy... which explains the last few posts. I should lighten things up a bit with a little conversation that I had with Olivia the other day. It went something like this:

olivia: mommy, why do you & daddy always do "it"?

me: (as I try to gain composure & not let her see the panic in my eyes) what do you mean by "it"?

olivia: you know what I mean mommy...

me: no honey I really don't think I do, please explain.

olivia: ok... I'll spell it.

me: ok dear, please do spell "it"

olivia: K-I-S-S-I-N-G

me: (thank you sweet Lord!) Oh, that! Of course... mommy knows what "it" is! It's because me & daddy love each other. That's why we do "it"... you know kiss & all. 

olivia: ewwww


(Olivia graduating Kindergarten!) 


To top things off... this morning Stephen & I were cuddling & doing "it" (kissing, of course) When Olivia busts in... 

Gee Whiz... it's too early for you to be up... go back to bed dear child... is what I was thinking, but didn't have time to say because she tattles...
"mommy & daddy, Reece peed a lot in her diaper & then she sat on my head 
& now I have pee on my head." 



Happy summer! I couldn't be more excited about this summer. No work, no school (just a little studying for the nursing entrance exam.) just me & the kiddos having a good time! 
This is the life. I love being a mom so much. I think if I didn't have 3 more years of school in front of me I'd be ready to have another one.

We'll wait... for now. 


Maddy got her passport in the mail yesterday!!! She will be headed to Mexico on her very first mission trip in less then a month! 
She is really excited. We have one last fundraiser for her this weekend.
 Our 2nd yard sale. good times. 

I'm leaving for El Salvador about a week after she gets back. Just got an email saying we are going to visit some orphanages, women's prison & feeding centers. I'm excited! 

Two life changing trips, I'm sure of it. 


Got some changes coming in our lives soon. If you know me or have read my blog for a bit you know how I struggle with decisions. 
I'm praying and seeking God... He'll lead me the right way. He always does.

I some times wish that He would just reveal the entire picture all at once... He's smart like that & doesn't. Step by step... it's what the faith walk is all about. I trust you Lord. Take my hand daddy & lead me... I know you won't fail me.... 

More to come on that in due time. 


Got any fun summer plans? 

(Olivia & I make bark piles while we wait for Madison to ride roller coasters...
it doesn't take much folks.


  1. Girl, it is good to read a post/update from you!! I'm also glad that you're having a break from school for the summer -- I will be praying for your studies!!

    The conversation with Olivia cracked me up!!

    You're a fantastic mom, I can see you having more kids!!!

    El Salvador!!!!!!!! Awesome, Kasie!! I'm going to Honduras in 4 more sleeps, with Compassion International, and I'm beside myself with anticipation. I know it will be the first of many mission trips.

    Praying for you... I know, it's hard sometimes when we don't see the whole picture, but that's usually the times when we wouldn't be able to comprehend/imagine what God has in store, we might be overwhelmed even more if we saw it all... that's why He gives us daily bread there too, just enough of a glimpse for today. We'll have to depend on Him again tomorrow for more. :o}

    Love you... very, very much! (((((( hugs ))))))

  2. I'm glad your back in business (so to speak)! <3 you girly!!!

  3. I love your blogs and miss them when your not blogging. I will be praying for you. I understand the heart being heavy and not knowing all the pieces. I'm kinda in that place again with a few things. I would really like to meet up with you sometime and go to starbucks or something and just chat.

    loved love loved the conversation with olivia! she is so adorable!

  4. Hilarious!!! A real LOL moment on my end! And it's cardboard boxes in my house! LOL!