Monday, November 16

i ♥ faces- "autumn beauty"

My blog/old school bud Mandie posts the most beautiful pics for the i ♥ faces photo challenge each week. I always look forward to her entries. I've been following i ♥ faces since I got Lucy. I love the tutorials they have & love looking at all of the beautiful pictures.

This weeks theme is "Autumn Beauty". How appropriate considering I just took a gazillion pics on our recent mountain trip.

It looks like there is a drop off behind her in this picture... but there isn't. There is level ground on the other side of the brick wall. These pictures made my mom so nervous that she couldn't finish looking at them. Geesh... grandmas....

I chose this picture because I absolutely love Olivia's facial expression in this shot.
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    I cannot believe I am just seeing this post. I'm SO happy you entered last week. YIPPIE!!! :-)

    The shot is too cool Kasie!! And I can just imagine the huge, adorable personality Olivia it!

    Too much going on these days to enter this weeks contest. I don't have a good sun flair pix nor the time to try and take one. :-( Oh well.

    Hope you are having a blessed week.