Wednesday, November 11

what would you have done?

I registered for spring semester classes on Monday. I'll take Anatomy 2, Math 120 (I'm thinking this is a basic math class... not really sure what to expect), CPR & Ethics. This will complete my pre-requs. I won't be able to apply for the nursing program until September though.... which means upon acceptance I'll start my nursing classes spring 2011. SO we're getting there.

I'm excited about Ethics. I'm not really too sure exactly what the course will be about, but I'm thinking the subject is basically about right and wrong decisions (I may be way off).

Which brings me to the following scenario.

What would you do in this situation....

Usually the only time I frequent the cafe at school is for a quick coffee in between clases. However, my tummy was rumbling the other day so I decided to grab an egg and cheese crossaint to go with my usual coffee. It was so good... nice, soft, flaky... mmm. So good, in fact, that I really wanted another one today (I usually don't have enough time for breakfast or either I forget to eat as I rush out the door in the am to drop Reece off, fight downtown traffic & successfully get to my class on time by 8a... go figure) Today's visit to the cafe was well past breakfast hours though. I got down there around 12:00. The lunch menu was displayed, so I asked the grill cook if she was able to make a croissant for me. Before she could even answer me another younger lady stepped out of the back and told me "breakfast hours are over at 10:30"... as she rolled her eyes. I was a little put off by her nasty attitude , but I let it go & thanked them both. I decided I didn't want anything at all and I turned to leave the cafe. As I was leaving I heard the same lady announce... "I swear, people ask the stupidest questions around here."

at this point I was angry....


After my reaction (which I'll share a bit later) I got in the car wondering if I made the right decision.

Now I'm wondering what others would do in that situation. (I'm sure I'll be able to use this scenario at some point next semester.)

2 (maybe 3) questions:

-What do you think would have been the most appropriate response? (& if there is a reason.. why?)
-What would you have done... honestly?


  1. I would have turned around, walked back, and said "I'm sorry, I didn't realize that poor attitude had been added to the menu. Is there an extra charge for that? I'd like three to go, please."

    Seriously, I wouldn't have said that, but I would have wanted to. I would have turned around, and sweetly told them that a "stupid" question is nothing compared to a disappointing attitude towards a potential customer. I would also pray for them.

  2. I would have reported them to the manager (hopefully it wasn't the manager that made the comment- oh dear).

  3. Well my flesh would have wanted to say "that's why I'm about to be a nurse and your behind the counter making my food". Then I would have ordered a cheeseburger and stood there watching her make it. But, praise God, I'm saved. So I would have said "I'm sorry I offended you and I will gladly find a more friendly establishment to give my business to".

  4. Oh and I definitely would have informed her that "stupidest" is not a word and perhaps she should incorporate something more grammatically correct in to her vernacular.

  5. You already know what I would have done! LOL

  6. this is toooooo funny. Let's see I have two answers; If I had just walked in and I had been in prayer I would have just said Lord, forgiver her for she knows not what she does. If I coming from class and not really sensitive to the presence of the Holy Spirit I woul dhave had some serious thought action going on and then as the other lady said, I would have reported to her manager, and if she was the manager I would have reported to her manager. Whether it was a stupid question or nor, she works with the public and certain customer service behaviors are demanded in that environment. Suppose you were a mystery shopper you could have reported her and she would have lost her job. Also, it didn't matter what time it was, what mattered was could they accomodate the customer. I would have asked the same question....

  7. Thank you for all of your comments!
    JD & Drea... I'm glad I'm not the only one who would have said something!
    My knee jerk reaction was to go crazy white girl.
    A younger Kasie most definitely would have.
    I knew my question wasn't a stupid one. What made me so angry was that she thought she had a right to treat someone else so ugly. Grrrr....
    I turned around and headed back into the cafe. There were other students surrounding the counter at this point.... so I decided not to say anything because I didn't want to embarrass her.
    I decided to get a cup of coffee after all. As I was paying the cashier she walked behind me to change a trash bag. She was alone. After I paid I turned around, got her attention & said something like... "My question wasn't a stupid question. I wasn't asking if it was breakfast time. I was asking if you could make something from the breakfast menu. That's all. You should really be more careful about what you say that other people could over hear because you might hurt someone's feelings." She said "ok" and went back to changing the bag.
    I did pray for her too. Hopefully she received what I had to say & didn't get offended.