Wednesday, November 18

candy-land crasher

Reece is not only walking all over the place.... but she's also managed to figure out the whole "climbing thing" as well.



  1. Hi Kasie, It's Anita from church. You may recognize my photo, but if not, I'm Kelly's mom. Madison and Kelly were in Missionettes together.
    I discovered your blog through Clarence Bradley's blog. He has been coming to my home for small group meetings.
    I've paged through a little to see your beautiful family in photos. A while back, I viewed the birth video and will have to see it again. Nothing like a baby being born!
    I am going to follow along to hear about nursing school, the kids, etc.
    Take care...blessings.

  2. I will NEVER EVER get used to the climbing. She is such a doll baby! Growing so fast...walking all over? Wow!!!

    Rb never climbed...Bc climbs everything! He makes me gasp more times then I can count during a day.