Thursday, November 19

middle school maddy

My Madison. My middle school Madison.

This age has presented newness... just like other phases in her life have.

We've been having challenges with influences in her life. Friends, boys... and the such.

Nothing too major, but enough for mama bear to be on red alert.

In psychology class I've been learning about adolescent statistics... how they think, how they act. Theorist and theories. I've gained a lot from this class but I've also maintained a realistic perspective that we are not of this world. As a christian I have promises from God for my children. I don't have to buy into the fear of what the world says my child will become.

For that I'm thankful.

A bad report from her teacher left me in tears the other day as I left the school... tears flowed as I passed the assistant principle, another parent from her class and one of her little buddies. Geesh. Feeling foolish for letting frustration get the best of me I lifted my head high & reminded myself that it's going to be OK.

I've gotten a lot better than I used to be. I used to let fear consume me with negative thoughts about her future. Thoughts that she would do the things I did. Be the teenager I once was. God has set me free from those fears though. They were paralyzing. He helped me see that I was parenting in fear instead of trusting in Him. He's replaced the fear with a sweet peace and assurance that He is her Father... which far exceeds my role as her mother. I'm trusting Him. Resting in Him.

She's developed beyond her age. I have to constantly remind myself that she IS still a little girl even though she is so desperately trying not to be one anymore.

Despite it's challenges, I have enjoyed this new relationship with Madison. One of my new favorite things to do with her is study together. My school has really helped me understand the pressures that she has. I've enjoyed teaching her study skills and studying with her. Her history and science books flopped open while I have my anatomy book and note-cards laid out.

I like it.

I've picked up "Power of a Praying Parent" again. It was collecting dust on the bookshelf. It's perfect... 30 prayers, 1 for each day of the month.

I'm asking God to help me be the mom He wants me to be... always.


  1. Kasie,
    You are such a great mom...the things I see in you, things that you do-they encourage me to be a better parent. (ya know..the silly ones-they are my fave) You are the "coolest mom on the block" as Preston would say (of course..that's after me-his words)!
    We are notw and I'm so thankful God brought you into my life to help me become a better mom and friend....I love you, girl!

  2. Yep, your 11 year old looks 14. My 11 year old looks 9. God is very creative. :)
    Keep praying and continue to do your best.
    Stand firm - hold your ground - and continue the hugs and kisses for your little girl Maddie. :)

  3. Oh Kasie...
    These are the years I will totally admit I have fear about...and I know fear is not from God.
    Bless your heart honey. Thank you for sharing your struggles and your joys.

  4. thank you for the encouragement guys!
    Mandie... it's really not that bad. Trust me though... I know how you're feeling.
    Maddy is a good girl.
    We had a really good conversation last night. I feel a lot better. We both opened up & shared some things that have been bothering us lately.
    Communication is SO important. We must not assume things.. instead chatting opening, asking lots of questions & LISTENING is SO important.
    Some of the things she shared with me last night opened my eyes & made me even more proud of the young lady she is transforming into.
    Again.. thanks for your encouragement.
    Love you guys!