Tuesday, September 1

1st day of school- 2009

Olivia's first day of kindergarten &
Madison's first day of middle school...

(please take note that unlike last year... there are no pictures of Madison in her classroom & there are no pictures outside of the school either... I was not "allowed" to take pictures at the school this year... I obliged... grudgingly! The thought did cross my mind though to run into her orientation & give her a big fat kiss in front of all of her friends & affectionately let her know how much I was going to miss her today... but I resisted...)

I'm not sure if Olivia saw it on TV or read it in a book, but she was persistent about buying her teacher an apple for the first day of school...

Who was I to tell her no?

How was your first day of school:

Madison: It was the best day ever! I love middle school. I can't believe I didn't want to go... I have the coolest teachers in the entire world. I even have a top locker this year... that's the whipped cream on the ice cream!

Olivia: It was good. I stayed on 1 (no red light / green light this year. It's numbers 1-5) & my teachers are nice.

I'm so glad to be home with the kids these days. I feel empowered this school year & I have great expectations!


  1. Glad the girls had a great first day!

  2. Glad they both had a good day Kasie. Middle school and Kindergarten...wow, two new starts.

    Hope this is an awesome year for both of them.


  3. Great pics! I still feel bad about not being there!!!! Love ya'll!

  4. why is your daughter holding up the devil horns symbol before she goes to Christian school...

  5. Oh my, didn’t even realize what that symbol really meant… she has no clue either. To her it just represents rockin’ out… which she loves. No Satanist here!