Monday, September 14

just because you gotta

David Crowder Band has a new album coming out this month.

I snagged it early...

& I've been jaming all afternoon.

Just promise me, with no fingers crossed, that you'll get it on September 22nd... really, you have to!

I really hope I can go....


  1. How'd you snag that one early, girl? I would have loved to get the new Selah album early, or the new Mark Schultz, or Casting Crowns... but I'll definitely check this one out on Sept 22nd! Easy day to remember, that's the day I found out I was expecting Joshua :o)

  2. I saw them a few years back. They were the opening act for MercyMe.
    Had never heard of them then...and actually haven't heard any of their music recently.

    I actually really do "need" a new CD.