Tuesday, September 8

labor day 2009

We decided last minute to take advantage of the long weekend & head to Kentucky for the holiday. We had a great time, as usual. 

Stephen is from a small town in eastern Kentucky called Jenkins. It's so beautiful & peaceful. 

Stephen's mom decided to have the family over for a cook out. So glad she did. 

(Stephen's mom... aka Nana) 

(Stephen's dad... aka Pappaw) 

(Stephen's bro... aka Bubby) 

(Stephen's aunt DJ) 

(Stephen's little cousin) 

Pappaw's theory was that Reece would become a country girl by wallowing around in the grass. 

What is it with grandpas anyway? 

No trip would be complete without a rock out session, obviously... 

("The Tuckies" is what Olivia used to call KY when she was younger) 

I even managed to get a little study time in. 

We stopped on the way home @ an over look in Virginia. 

Traveled 8 hours both ways to enjoy a fantastic labor day... it was certainly worth it. 

How was yours? 


  1. Love the jump rope action...Look at you...so young!!!
    Glad you guys had a great time!
    We had a quiet one, which was so nice!

  2. I could resist a little "jump rope action"....

    -Your husband

  3. Great pics! Looks like you guys had a blast! Would love to visit the Tukies with you guys sometime! Looks beautiful!!

  4. Ahhhh! Nothing like good country air. And, for the record, a country girl is the only type a girl to be..well except for a saved country girl and all..LOL! Hey, it took 4 hrs there and 4 hrs back? Hmm that's not too bad. As always, love the pics!