Tuesday, September 29

must have new camera

a sad thing happened in New York...

my ol' faithful point & shoot fell to its near death. I have to use my fingernail to turn it on & off, the flash is busted & my pics are coming out grainy & blurry. This is making me sad. I love taking pictures way to much to NOT have a camera...

My friend brought her Rebel with her when she visited last week (which went really well & I already miss her lots). She let me play. I had a 35mm Rebel way back when... so I naturally want the Digital Rebel. I just need to research the different kinds. I was sitting next to a guy @ the ball-game & drooled over his Nikon the entire time. He said Nikons are better than Cannon. Of course anyone is going to say their camera is best.

Anyone have any personal experience or knowledge about Canon Rebels vs Nikon or the major differences between all of the Rebels?


  1. First of all, my condolences to you for the slow and painful death of your P&S.

    Subsequent congrats are in order for your impending arrival of a DSLR, though!! **claps hands and jumps up and down, and realizes quickly that jumping up and down doesn't feel good, nor look good... sorry...**

    I have a Canon DSLR. I've had it since May 2006, I have shot over 18000 photos with it, and it's still going strong. I find it VERY user friendly, it does what I need it to do, and it has been quite faithful to me.

    My brother, who is also a photographer (and a serious techie/gadget guy), started out using a Canon DSLR, don't ask me exactly which model, they all sound the same to me ;) He had great results with it. When he outgrew it and wanted to upgrade, he considered going to Canon again, but after trying the Nikon, he came over to the Nikon side. His advantage was that he was able to use my lenses. :o) He chose the D90 over the D300, he was more pleased with the results.

    Personally, whatever YOU are comfortable with once you've done the research for both Nikon and Canon will be the right choice for you. I don't think either is "better", but please don't buy outside of those two, you will regret it.

    How do you decided? Ask yourself these questions:

    What are your photography needs?
    Battery life, memory card, etc?
    Cost of lenses, external flashes, etc for future purchases?
    How large of a print will you need?
    What is your price range?
    What features do you need?

    Compare the ones that fill those needs for you side by side, feature by feature, and make your choice. Some stores will let you try them out in store to help you get a feel for them. If you've had a Canon of a similar feel before, perhaps Canon is your best bet, but if you find an equivalent Nikon at a better price, perhaps that's your answer too. If your friend has a Canon, maybe you should get a Canon, and invest in specialized lenses that she doesn't have, so that you can swap/borrow.

    Check out www.dpreview.com for some additional review/feedback resources!

    It's up to you, my dear, but please keep us posted!

  2. Yes,I have a comment......CANON!!!! Better color and better ratings than Nikon when I researched it. Besides, I have decided that I am an expert and I said so. LOL

    Drea :)

  3. I'm a Canon girl, but you already know that. ;-)There are very huge Canon vs. Nikon debates all over the net. I started with my Rebel xt but never got serious until this past year and then decided to majorly upgrade my camera and go for one of Canon's big "L" lens. Sad I wasted time not learning more right off the bat when I was using the xt.

    Owning a DSLR and being serious about photography is expensive. There I said it...my investment is large right now...and my want/wish list is even larger. I could write you a page or two on all of this...so I'll hush for now. lol...

    So...since I'm a Canon girl, I only know Canon. I had a P&S Canon man mons ago and loved it back then so I knew Nikon was not an option for me.

    Read, read, read and read some more. Dive into the info. I suggest checking out some different forum on Flickr. They have tons of groups and I've learned a TON over there just by typing in the search area what info I was looking for.

    Let me know if I can help you in any way!

    Mandie...ps - think this will be my last comment for the night since bombarded your comments tonight.