Saturday, December 13

Christmas Traditions... New & Old

The thought of bringing more toys in the house was not very exciting to me considering the condition of the girl's room these days. I feel like they have cleaned their room so many times lately. I realized this week that the problem is the amount of junk in their room. SO today we had the first annual Family Clean Sweep. I actually got the idea from another blog. The post is about Christmas traditions. I took the time to read through some of the 500+ comments & got some really good ideas for new traditions... the bedroom purge being one of them. We added our own "Clean Sweep" touch to it & pulled all of the girls stuff (I mean EVERYTHING) out of their room & threw it into a huge pile in the nursery & then we sorted everything into Keep, Trash & Goodwill piles. We ended up with 3 bags of trash, 5 bags of Goodwill, a heaping laundry basket and a VERY clean & organized bedroom. The hubby, being the video editor that he is, declared that we should create a family video out of it. So he is working on the video. (BTW... the Christmas Tree video hasn't even started. He has been too busy to teach me. I started the tutorial again & just need to finish.) I'll post the Clean Sweep video as soon as it's finished. I feel much better about bringing more toys into the house now. I think we have a new tradition. Its good for the girls too. They have a clean room & feel good about getting rid of their old toys because it's going to a good cause... and hopefully it will encourage them to keep their room clean. We'll see how long it lasts :0) 

We spent most of the day cleaning so we decided that we'd end the day with another tradition that we've always done. The Tacky Light tour!!!! We had a great time. We found a new house this year @ It's a house with synchronized lights. 
 Check it out... 
It was so awesome we didn't want to leave. We sat outside of the house for about 20 minutes or so. 

Then we checked out another new one that we found on the site...

We saw this one and pulled over. The lights were so pretty over the water...

We ended our tour with a house that I think I've seen every single year. My grandma used to live right around the corner from this house. Just in the past few years the family's son moved next door, so now it's 2 houses on the same street. It's so much to see that you just have to get out! (yes, that's the babe tucked into my coat) 

I LOVE Christmas time! 

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  1. Richmond tacky light tour!? I've always wanted to take that tour. One year hubby and I were talking and thought...Just what if you're taking that tour and lo n pass by your own home. How's that for funny!? Merry Christmas!