Saturday, December 13

"Baby Wise" Book Review

I LOVE this book! The new mother's ministry blessed us with a gift basket & in it was "Baby Wise". At first I thought who has time to read a book while taking care of this little baby. But the words on the cover won me over eventually... "Giving your infant the gift of nighttime sleep". Frazzled @ midnight with a crying baby had me thinking more like.... "giving ME the gift of nighttime sleep!!!!" (which it has) 

The book is by the same author who wrote the Growing Kids God's Way curriculum... Dr. Ezzo. Basically it teaches you how to get your baby on a good schedule. Even though she was about 5 1/2 weeks when I started reading it & was already on a bad schedule we were able to get it together in about 2 days. The babe had even been diagnosed with reflux because she was crying so bad in the evenings. Come to find out it was simply because she wasn't getting enough rest. 

I'm most excited about being able to simply lay her in the crib & walk away. This made her really mad at first. It's easier now. She gets tired right when the book says she should. I lay her in her crib & after a little bit of whining she is out. Do you know how much freedom is in just laying her down & walking away.... no more rocking in frustration, forcing the binky, pacing the floors with a crying baby... all that stuff was keeping her up & making her more frustrated. 

She eats every 2 1/2 hours & takes about an hour nap in between. At bed time she is sleeping well... in her own crib now, which is much safer for her. She slept through the night once about a week ago, but usually she wakes up for 1 feeding & goes right back to sleep. 

2 thumbs up for Baby Wise!!!! Imagine the glee when I got to the back of the book & realized he has an entire series!
I already received Pre-teen Wise & Child Wise is on the way. 

It was probably a little hasty having Child Wise shipped overnight Express (I'm kidding... but after all of those red lights, I was tempted) 

BUT... I'm happy to announce that the middle babe didn't bring home ANY red lights this week! (2 yellow... but we can live with that for now.) YAY! 

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  1. That's great! looked beautiful Friday night...we gals rocked it!! Send me the pics..we forgot to pull out the camera! Oh Well!