Tuesday, January 26

no boys for this little girl

Olivia: mommy, guess what two boys in my class told me today!

Me: What babe? 

Olivia: They both said they L-I-K-E-D me. 

Me: Really? What do you think about that? 

Olivia: I think I don't like it. 

Me: Why not? 

Olivia: Because I am not allowed to have a boyfriend. That's what I told them. I think you should have a chat with their mommies. 

That's my girl. 


  1. Oh, she's adorable!

    Yes, that's what we should tell all our daughters. You are not allowed to have boyfriends until you are 30.

  2. Such a smart girl!! Love the pic too!

  3. sooooo cute!!

    ~amanda taylor

  4. Too cute and way to go olivia!

  5. I don't which I like better...the story or the picture...BOTH!