Saturday, January 30

2010 Photo Journal- Week 4

Week 4

day 22
me in va

busy night at the movies
more fun with shutter speed

drea in fl

A snuggly morning
Taken because it was a wet and foggy morning. So we were hanging in our jammies watching the Disney channel.

day 24
me in va

tiny baby bottles
taken at my cousin's baby shower

drea in fl

Oh my chocolate
Taken because Ethan was tearing into a chocolate doughnut like he was expecting to find money in the middle. LOL.

day 24
me in va

I had my nose in the books ALL day except for church. I submitted my 1st ethics exam this day. This sweet little thing kept crawling up on the kitchen chair to say hello.

drea in fl

Mi amore
Taken on our trip to Manatee Park. Enjoying our family day together before he had to go back to Sarasota.

day 25
me in va

split peas
made split pea soup for dinner

drea in fl

Moseying along
Taken because this old man was adorable and he is obviously wise enough to take his time and enjoy his stroll.

day 26
me in va

buttons and thread 
one of my goals this year is to learn how to sew (the right way)

drea in fl

The chime of time
Taken at Edison State College because this clock tower chimes the coolest songs, including Jimmy Buffet. This always puts a smile on my face, amidst a stressful school day.

day 27
me in va

Liv and the clothespin girl 
olivia made this for her missionettes teacher at church

drea in fl

Taken because this man is 100 years old, yet he has the gumption to row that boat around the lake every single day.

day 28
me in va

we took a stroll to the playground

drea in fl

Rugged athlete
Taken while Ethan was kicking around a giant soccer ball like a little pro, and so serious too.

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