Sunday, November 30

Thanksgiving Weekend

What a great holiday weekend!

Thanksgiving was nice. We all went down to my aunt's house to celebrate. Great food & fun family time. 

I did the Black Friday thing this year... first year for that. Getting up at 4:00a after being up until 1:00a w/ a crying baby was not the highlight of the weekend... However, it was worth it b/c I ended up saving a lot of money. My mom got up w/ me. We hit Wal-mart, Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. I think I was home by 8:00a- not too bad. 

Saturday was my hubby's birthday- the BIG 3-0! :0) We started the day by heading to the tree farm. We got rid of our artificial tree last year b/c it started to rust. We decided instead of buying another we'd begin a new Christmas tradition... the real tree experience. We had a great time at the farm. We started out with a hay-ride out to the field... 

It didn't take long until we found the perfect one....

I've got lots of video footage that I'm going to turn into a mini video. The hubby has been editing the family videos for long enough... he is going to teach me how to do it. :0) It may not seem like such a difficult task but he has a bunch of professional equipment & software that he uses to do it. (In addition to the editing he does for the church he has a side video editing business) I've been wanting to learn for awhile. I tried the goofy tutorials but I can't learn like that so he is going to walk me through it. Our Christmas Tree outing will be my first project. I'll post as soon as it's complete... Hopefully it will be finished by Christmas :0) I'm so excited to learn! 

Once we got home we rested a bit before heading out for a birthday dinner. Little did the hubby know... I planned a surprise birthday dinner for him @ Famous Dave's. Surprise!!! It was almost a complete surprise... but thanks to the middle babe he figured out something was going on...  Lil stinker. I had to buy some time before we got to the restaurant so we stopped at Michael's (had to pick up a Christmas gift). I went into the restroom to call Famous Dave's. I asked them to let the party know we would be there soon. The middle babe overheard the conversation & realized we were having a surprise party for daddy. I made her promise not to say anything... silly me! As soon as we got out of the bathroom she tells the hubby "mommy has  a surprise that I can't tell you about. It's a secret." ARGH! O'well... the dinner was really special though. We had a good time hanging out w/ friends... & somehow I didn't manage to take a single pic. Who knows how that happened!?!? :( 

Today was a big day for the youngest babe! She went to Bible Babies (our churches nursery) for the 1st time. She did a great job. They called me out of service when it was time for her to eat. (She took a bottle last night for the 1st time!... but I didn't have time to pump this morning) So anyway I sat in the "nursing corner" & overheard them singing sweet songs to the babies... laughing & playing w/ them. I'm so thankful for the sweet ladies that work in there. I'm glad she did well, now I can enjoy my service while she enjoys her own little service.  

Once we got home from church we started decorating the Christmas tree. It's not completely finished but it will be over the next couple of days. I love it! 

So anyway, that sums up my Thanksgiving weekend. Everyone back to school & work tomorrow. This is week 6 for me so I will be headed to the office either Wed. or Thurs. for a meeting w/ my bosses to catch up on things. Can't believe it's already that time! We've been working on getting the baby on a good schedule. That adventure will require a blog of it's own... in due time. 

Til then... please pray for our patience & endurance :0) I think I can, I think I can, I think I can 


  1. Glad you guys had a good thanksgiving! Tell Stephen we all said Happy Birthday! Oh, and what a nice new tradition...I think I would like to do that at least once..go pick out a real tree..!

  2. Boy this brought back some good memories of when you were little Kasie! I know y'all had so much fun! Love ya, Mom