Wednesday, November 12

My THREE Girls!

The Youngest Babe: She is currently bundled in her bouncy seat... asleep. I should really be taking a shower right now while she is sleeping BUT I am developing a blog withdrawal twitch, so I had to take advantage of the sleeping baby, skip the shower (for now) & blog my little heart out. These new babies are so high maintenance... very demanding little things. This one has been especially odd. What baby doesn't take a binky OR like the swing?!? MINE! She just wants to be held. I was complaining to my girlfriend yesterday & I asked her... "How in the heck does a mom with a newborn keep a clean house?" She sweetly filled me in... "They don't". Then she gave me the best advice... "forget the housework & enjoy that baby... they are only this little once." Good advice! Yes, she likes to be held & that's a bit tiring, but she is such a sweet little thing. She's been smiling a little. I love that! She even did some cooing yesterday. How sweet. I love this baby! Of course I'm breaking all of the bed time rules (she sleeps with us AND I do the lazy nursing) BUT she's sleeping 4-5 hours at a time for me at night. Good baby!

The Oldest Babe: Adjusting very well! She's been a big help.. AND she brought home honor roll!!!! (1st time) I'm so stinkin' proud of that girl! 

The Middle Babe: NOT adjusting so well :0) She's been suspended 2 times from pre-school since the baby was born. Can someone please explain to me how you get suspended from pre-school? They said she was throwing temper tantrums & I needed to come get her b/c she was exhausting the staff... huh... my sweet little babe?!? YES! They told us last week that she was suspended Wednesday & would prefer that she stayed out the entire week. So we kept her out last week & I'm keeping her out this week too. I asked her what the deal was & she said "I just want to be home with you & sissy"... what can you say to that? So we've been having a great time together. She really is a good helper... she's the best little fetcher (can you get me  a diaper, the blanket, the lotion, my phone) She's good at getting the baby to sleep too. She sings to her & bounces her. I've really enjoyed her company & her behavior has been excellent at home. She told me the other day that she didn't like school. I asked her what would make it better & she said "if you were my teacher". My sweet girl! I'm sure the school thing will get better... meanwhile I'm eating up the extra time with her. Oh yeah... and she's 5 now... her birthday was last Wednesday (yes, the day she was suspended, ARGH). She had her party on Saturday at the park. It was a beautiful day!

OK, the baby is still asleep... I wonder if I have enough time for that shower?!? I can at least brush my teeth. I just realized this morning that I haven't brushed them in about 2 days. Ewww... I know, I know... It's the babe's fault...

What?!?!... it's true! 


  1. Too funny! I used to take Caitlyn IN the bouncer in the bathroom to take a shower..she got so used to it, she wanted to always see me when I showered!
    I'm glad Liv had a great birthday! Sorry we couldn't be there-I ended up with symptoms.Ugh!
    I'm glad to see your blogging again! I quite missed it!

  2. You were missed here in blogville. Poor Olivia...Can't imagine her actually exhausting the staff. Tell Madison congrats! Reece is looking just as cute as ever! God Bless!

  3. I am so proud of you! You are the best Mom! Way to go Maddie!! Things will get better with bug!! Reece is growing so fast so enjoy her sweetie! Love you, Mom

  4. Glad your back on the blogging scene. Tell Maddie congratulations, I am glad she is adjusting well. Olivia is too funny...