Thursday, November 27

My Thankful List

So, I published My Thankful List yesterday... but then I wanted to make a few changes before it was actually "out there" so I deleted it... thinking I'd be able to find it in drafts. DUH... that's what I get for being a perfectionist!

O' well. Here's take 2...

My Thankful List (Inspired by Robin's blog & of course Thanksgiving)...
  • God saved me when He did... who knows where I'd be otherwise 
  • The creator of the Universe is a GOOD God & only wants GOOD for His children 
  • My wonderful husband who loves me unconditionally. He's God fearing, hard working, funny, sweet as can be & the girls couldn't ask for a better pop! The list could go on & on. 
  • My beautiful girls. They all have their own personalities & I love them each to pieces. 
  • My families health... we are all happy healthy & whole 
  • A restored/healthy relationship w/ my mom
  • My big family (including hubby's side- they are great!) 
  • My friends- who love me for me  
  • My uncompromised pastors- I love them dearly 
  • My big fat church & church family 
  • My job- it's nice to do something you enjoy & think is worth working for! 
  • To live in a free & prosperous nation w/ great opportunities 
Those are the biggies. Then there's always...
  • Snuggles
  • Binkys (she's finally taking one! WOO HOO) 
  • Brownies 
  • Lipgloss (vain- I know) 
  • The ability to take a FULL hot shower (doesn't happen often these days, but when it does- very thankful!) 
  • added 11.30.08- The sweet volunteers who work in the children's ministry @ our church. They love the kids & go out of their way to make Jesus real to them each week
The list goes on & on... and like Robin, I'll continue to add as I think of things. For now I'm going to get ready... I'm about to head out to my aunt's house for the Thanksgiving festivities. :0) 

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!!