Wednesday, April 7

a little love for my neglected blog

I miss blogging.

Life is so busy.

I have found time for my new obsession hobby. I have a nice little garden going. I'm determined to not be my typical plant killing self. So far I've killed 2 batches of seedlings a 2 huge clumps of cilantro mom dug up for me out of her garden.. Oh, & some pretty tulips I bought at Lowe's. Note to self... fertilizer burns new baby seeds & so does scorching hot sunlight. They say 3rd times a charm. We shall see.

3 weeks & I have no school for 3 whole months. How exciting.

This semester is going well. Way more intense than last semester though. I'm pretty sure my Ethics professor is a crazed maniac with way too much time on his hands. That's been a little weird. There is hope though...the weight of constantly feeling like I need to be studying is almost over for a brief bit. That will be refreshing.

I also get to fly to Florida at the beginning of May, directly after my finals to see my bud Drea graduate from nursing school. That will be an inspirational & a joyous occasion. Can't wait to see my friend. I miss her like crazy.

Also traveling to El Salvador this summer. Madison is going to Mexico. 2 mission trips to pay for...

I forgot to mention... I'm also knee deep in fundraising.

Life is good though.

In other random news. I've been in touch with my real father. I may be able to see him this summer. Haven't seen him since I was 13.

Oh, and I'm considering dreadlocks for myself. Crazy huh?

My neglected blog will get much more love soon as can be.

I miss you blog buds!
Happy Belated Resurrection Sunday (8 years since I made Jesus my Lord... best decision ever!)


  1. Best decision ever indeed!!!!!!!!!!! So proud to call you my sister in Christ!

    Loved hearing from you, have missed you, dear friend! I'm excited about your gardening endeavors -- I wasn't good at it much either, but I've gotten better over time (and practice).

    Loved the photo, such beautiful ladies!!!! It's so good to *see* you!

  2. Oh, how I would love to have a garden! I have my dream garden/backyard all visualized - with tulips and lilies and little pots of basil and other herbs!

    Great to see you're back. :)

  3. Hey Lady! Thanks for your comment. Yeah I can't wait for girl's night as well. Missed your glad you are back. Gardening....hmm...I'm gonna try to grow some we'll see how that goes! Love ya!

  4. So funny. I'm a confessed plant killer too Kasie. Don't feel bad. I can't wait for you guys to get here. Congradulations on your anniversary. Mine will be 8 years in August ;)

  5. This is a nice post to give us a feel for what you've been doing, and for what is giving you joy. :)

    I've been busy, too. Haven't had as much time to read as many blogs as I'd like to, though I still try to write a post at least twice a week.

    Dreadlocks? You must post about it; what your inspiration is. I'm all for anyone wearing dreads, because it's probably a way of expressing part of one's self. Am I on the right track? :)